Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

Veterinary medicine and animal sciences deal with the study of the animals, the diseases & disorders that occur in various animals and treating them successfully. This is a vast subject and consists of various subparts like anatomy and physiology of animals, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Pathology, Immunology, Genetic Engineering, and Molecular Biology etc.

The Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences is a very enriched publication which include the reproduction, breeding, genetics, nutrition, physiology, animal welfare, epidemiology, livestock management, poultry science, aqua culture, zoo animal management, conservation, wild animals disease management, comparative medicine, dermatology, nephrology and urology.

All articles are being published after undergoing them through the process of peer reviewing. Thus the quality of the articles is nothing less than excellent. The editors of this publication also accept topics which are related to the science of wild animals that are not under the direct care or direct management of humans. The Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences has been a great source of information for the veterinary doctors, students and research fellows. These communities have been regularly following up this Journal and immensely benefitting out of the same.


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