Plagiarism is a process of stealing of others words & ideas and passing off as one's own. Also there are instances when an individual or a company uses another's production without crediting the source. This is also considered as committing literary theft or plagiarism. MedDocs have a strict process of checking plagiarism of all the articles that they finalize to publish in their international journals.

As per the universal norms, duplication of others' works is considered as plagiarism. To make plagiarism more clear, following are the major instances of plagiarism:

  • Copying someone else's work ditto or with minor changes and claim it as your own
  • Copying ideas or words from someone else without mentioning their credit
  • Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks is also an instance of plagiarism
  • Providing incorrect information about any source of a particular quotation is also an instance of plagiarism
  • Changing of the words but copying of a sentence structure from any particular source without mentioning credit is also plagiarism
  • Copying several words and/or ideas from a single source and making up majority of your work even by giving credit to the original source is also considered under plagiarism

At MedDocs International, along with determining the quality of the articles and thesis, strong attention is given to check the plagiarism. On finding any content to be plagiarized, we instantly reject those manuscripts. Plagiarism check is done for all the manuscripts, abstracts and chapters on the same day of submission.

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