Potential signaling pathway and molecular mechanism of CD2AP associated with proteinuria in glomerular disease

Hongzhen Zhong; Hongyan Li; Zhiqing Zhong; Tianbiao Zhou*

    The albuminuria is the early evidence of glomerular filtration membrane damaged and increased permeability. Slit diaphragm is a most important part of selective filtration in the glomerulus. CD2 Associated Protein (CD2AP) is one of slit diaphragm molecules, which is associated with proteinuria. Continuous proteinuria increases the risk of cardiovascular event rate and mortality. Hence, we reviewed the potential signaling pathway and the molecular mechanism of CD2AP associated with proteinuria in glomerular disease.

Antihypertensive use and risk of intradialytic hypotension in hospitalized end-stage renal disease patients

Andrew Nishimoto; Benjamin T Duhart; Robert B Canada; David Shoop; Joanna Q Hudson*

    Background: Intradialytic Hypotension (IDH) is the most common complication of Hemodialysis (HD). Administration of antihypertensive medications (AHTs) in the inpatient setting often occurs before dialysis; however, the influence on the rate of IDH is unclear. This study evaluated the association of AHT, nitrates, and other factors with development of IDH in the inpatient setting.

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