A rare combination of cavitating miliary tuberculosis and multiple brain tuberculomas in an infant

Bhanu Prakash J; Vinod H Ratageri*; S R Fattepur

    Cavitatory pulmonary tuberculosis is a rare entity in children especially in infants. Tuberculomas in brain is rarer in infants and children. Concurrent occurrence of multiple brain tuberculomas and miliary tuberculosis with cavitatory pulmonary tuberculosis is an extremely rare phenomenon. We present an infant with these rarities.

Regional, chronologic and international comparisons of relative morbidity and mortality caused by tuberculosis and some other diseases: Age-related patterns and gender differences

Viktor I Goudochnikov

    The present article describes epidemiologic indices for tuberculosis and some other infectious and cardiometabolic disorders, performing regional and chronologic comparisons in Southern region of Brazil, as well as international comparisons with Chile. The data obtained show that at least in populations studied, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are disorders belonging to intermediate age categories with male predominance, in contrast to septicemia and cardiometabolic diseases. It is suggested that partially tuberculosis may be a consequence of HIV / AIDS.

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