Journal of Plant Biology and Crop Research
(ISSN: 2637-7721)

Plant biology and crop research aims in focusing on the understanding of the myriad roles of the plants and also their interactions with the freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Crop research focuses on the research dedicated on the improvement of the crops and maximizing the benefits of agriculture.

The Journal of plant biology and crop research deals in various research findings in the various areas of plant biology like the genetics and breeding, molecular physiology, genomics and molecular genetics, ecosystem biogeochemistry, marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, biological modelling, pathology, weed science and crop production agronomy.

There are several leading scientists from all across the globe serving the journal as editor/reviewer and supporting the journal in publishing the quality content. Journal publishes research works, reviews and other article types under the open access policy. There are major areas covered in the Journal of plant biology and crop research. One prime area of focus is plant production systems which discusses on various plants like oilseeds, cereals, pulse crops and forage pastures along with their collaborations with other disciplines like hydrology, engineering, biometrics, food and human health. The other major areas of focus in the Journal of plant biology and crop research are natural marine and terrestrial systems that aim in investigating the interactions between the various plants and crops with their environment in both marine and terrestrial settings.


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