Annals of Gynecologic Cancer

Gynecologic cancer is the type of the cancer that starts in any of the woman's reproductive organs. Cancer is always named for the part of the body where it starts forming. Gynecologic cancers begin in various places within a woman's pelvis, which is the area below the stomach and in between the hip bones. Some of the Gynecologic cancers are ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, vulvar cancer and vaginal cancer. The Annals of Gynecologic cancer covers all latest research studies and developments in this field and reaches out to the right target audience.

The Annals of Gynecologic cancer is aimed at publishing original research articles, reviews on the articles and different clinical studies that are related to Gynecologic cancer.

The aim of the Annals of Gynecologic cancer is to share the recent developments in the research on Gynecologic cancer with the peers and also the masses as well to spread the right level of awareness. The editors of this journal considers the manuscript that reports original research on the health systems and services majorly pertaining to Gynecologic cancer with a major focus towards quality improvement, efficiency and several ethical issues that are related to the cause and eradicating Gynecologic cancer.

Annals of Gynecologic cancer is being published with original research manuscripts, case reports, review manuscripts, clinical images, commentaries, editorials, case studies, opinion pieces and perspectives. For the purpose of initial submission, we usually suggest the authors to submit a single file in .doc format which should preferably contain relevant text, tables, figures and several other supporting information regarding the subject. You have the option of submitting the pieces of work or you may even opt to e-mail us your work for our consideration.

The major target audience of the Annals of Gynecologic cancer are the physicians, research professors, health workers, students and several decision makers in public health centers. This journal is generally available in the universities, medical colleges, pharmaceutical libraries, major hospitals, medical foundations, clinics and several para medical institutions.


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