Journal of Orthopedics and Muscular System

Human beings require special attention from specialized medical practitioners when it comes to the bones and the entire skeletal system. The skeletal system of human beings forms the base of the physical structure and is completely responsible for voluntary and involuntary movement. There is a complex interplay of this overall system which works in an organized and synchronized manner rendering the human body the required power to have smooth and elegant movement. The specialized medical discipline dealing with the diagnosis and treating the disorders of the muscular system is termed as Orthopedics.

The Journal of Orthopedics and Muscular System contains various new research findings and developments which are related to the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other associated systems. There are also various new findings related to bones and bone diseases like musculoskeletal issues, bone marrow replacement, bone cancer, osteoporosis etc. There are new ways of quick diagnosis of such critical diseases at early stages and new ways of curing them which are being discussed in the Journal of Orthopedics and Muscular System. There are also articles and peer reviewed thesis reports of various other related fields like orthopedic implants, Orthopedic nursing, surgical sports medicine, spine surgery etc. which makes it a knowledge center for the doctors, medical researchers and medical students.


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