Journal of Clinical Images

The Journal of Clinical Images is being published by MedDocs Publishers with the aim of publishing the clinical images that are related to all the fields of Medicine. The purpose of this journal is to spread the knowledge of novel discoveries and interventions in various fields of science & medicine. The clinical images of fields like Histology and Cytology, Oncology, Immunology, Diagnostic method, Clinical case, Transplantation, Ophthalmology, Forensic Science are included in this journal.

The Journal of Clinical Images is a peer-reviewed and open access journal which has got immense scholarly significance. This journal is being dedicated to the clinical images from various areas of medicine. All the latest updates are being included in this journal. The editorial review process before publishing the journal of clinical images is very strict. The authors are encouraged to submit the clinical images following the instructions. The artwork can be submitted through a set online submission system. The submitted manuscripts are peer reviewed and then checked by the panels of the editors. Finally the best works are published in order to maintain the best quality of contents in this publication.


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