There was a time when the first operation was done without the use of anesthesia. The medical techniques are advancing day by day and so are the procedures along with it. Thus anesthesia forms an integral part of any form of surgery. Along with it, for the post-operative stages, the pain medicines are crucial enough to provide the patient's relief and ease them from their sufferings. Today, based on the health, age, and condition of the patient, anesthesia is administered accordingly. As a result of its huge importance, a separate branch of study has been introduced.

As there is a primary need of understanding this branch completely, where anesthesia covers a wide range such as sedation, local anesthesia, epidural, vascular anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, critical care, surgical anesthesia, general anesthesia and many more, going through the Annals of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine will help the doctors in measuring the right dose and attain the desired impact.

When the need is getting and knowing the authentic data, the journals will help in knowing so, as these are based on the experience and on top of that practical applications. While anesthesia and pain medicine is evolving continuously, the need for updated knowledge is a priority.

The publication of journal "Annals of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine" is done after a thorough quality check, thereby the assurance regarding the fact and figures of the journal cannot be questioned. The manuscripts are reviewed by a panel of experts and only on the approval from the editor; it is finally accepted and published.


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