ISBN: 978-81-936678-8-0

PD1 – PDL1 Blockade Immunotherapy applied as a Lung Cancer Treatment: Main Results, Proven Impact and Recent Knowledge Extensions

Belloumi Nidhal*; Fenniche Soraya

The ability of lung cancer to evade immunosurveillance is ensured by an “immune deficiency state” leading to a tolerance towards tumoral cell’s antigens. Then, a theory that supports the anti-tumoral role of the immune system, made its strong proof, by individualization of a pathway to suppress this immune tolerance...

Molecular drug resistance mechanisms in Prostate Cancer

Sercan ERGÜN

Cancer cells are equipped for adjustment prompting drug resistance, which is the fundamental issue of treatment in all malignant growths, like Prostate Cancer (PC). Despite the fact that a wide scope of anticancer drugs, including research-based agents and medications confirmed for human use, is accessible, most of them lose their treatment efficiency in course of time...

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